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Victoria Albanesi

Victoria focuses on the legal consulting of complex legal matters related to new technologies. She provides sophisticated, high quality advice to domestic and international companies regarding the regulatory and legal aspects of their innovative businesses, including e-commerce, financial technologies y last-mile logistics.

Victoria performed as the legal director for Mercado LIbre in México, with the responsibility to provide general advisory to their 9 business units which create the largest e-commerce ecosystem in LatAm, complex litigation and regulatory matters. She represented Mercado Libre in public policy debates regarding the Industry 4.0, having an active role in the Fintech Law and the regulation for E-commerce in benefit of the industry. Also, represented Mercado Libre before Mexican Authorities, multilateral organizations, industry chambers in México (such as Asociación de Internet.MX, AMVO, Asociación Fintech, ALAI).

Previously, Victoria performed as a corporate lawyer in Mercado Libre’s Headquarters in Buenos Aires City assisting Mercado Libre’s operations in several LatAm countries, and in market-leading Law Firms in Buenos Aires, Argentina, providing advisory in corporate and finance transactions, corporate matters, M&A and venture capital.

​Victoria is a Lawyer by University of Buenos Aires, holds a Masters Degree in Company Law from Austral University and a Fintech Diplomma from Saïd Business School / Oxford University. She lectured in on Contracts Law in the University of Buenos Aires.

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